Castaneda teachings of don juan pdf

castaneda teachings of don juan pdf

Then don Juan came and helped them to come down, and advised them that if they fell, they should not move until a doctor arrived.
That is, they were ready for serious work from the psychoenergetical standpoint.
In Mexico such people were considered very rare, and to find one was regarded a big luck by warriors.
They turn out to be common for all Schools of Buddhi Yoga, regardless of the location of these Schools on the Earths surface or whether they are connected with each other or not, and regardless of the languages spoken in these Schools and the terms.
And it is of no importance indeed, compared to the Supreme Goal!In the history of this Native American spiritual tradition, the art of stalking initially consisted fiat siena manual pdf in the ability to sneak, to stalk unnoticed among people who do not understand you (that is, people of lower stages of psychogenesis) and to achieve your Goal.This is an absolutely necessary prerequisite for mastering the nagual, because the nagual is mastered by means of meditation, and meditation, as Rajneesh put it nicely, is the state of non-mind.Juan Matus and his companions performed this.

On the other hand, a path with heart is easy; it does not make you work at liking.".
However, Castaneda does not describe the methods of cleansing the luminosity except the one, which can be viewed only as a joke, namely inhaling the smoke of a fire.
Without the awareness of death everything is ordinary, trivial.
For example, it turned out that lizards could talk, people could fly with their bodies, extract various things out of nowhere, and.It is only because death is stalking us that the world is an unfathomable mystery.A path without a heart is never enjoyable.One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with.If you do not think of your death, all your life will be just personal chaos!

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