To accessorize or not: Putting the mind before the heart

By now it should be clear that accessories is great stuff to have as a biker. They increase a bike’s -and riders’- potential in a way one may never have thought possible. That said, riders should not go on accessorizing blindly. It is important to evaluate and make purchases on a need basis to ensure you only pick what you need.

Items at the gear store may all be attractive, but you will be better off using your head rather that your emotions to pick what is right for you. Remember some accessories are meant for specific bike models and may either not match or look weird when used on other models.

Always remember to take your bike to the store with you when buying accessories. This way, you get to try out different items and pick the most suitable one for you with the help of experts. Features as minor as color may determine whether you come out of the store as a cool, admirable rider or just another clown on a bike.

Let the thrill of riding be the only emotion you succumb to as a rider.