The Van Products All Bikers Should Have

Motorcycling is a fun and rewarding pastime that has been enjoyed for decades. However, it requires the biker to purchase a wide variety of accessories in order to keep themselves and their bikes as safe as possible. This is especially true for people who race on motorbikes. They will need to transport their vehicle to and from the race track. The best way to do this is via a van. The products needed for a successful transportation can be purchased from Work System. Their catalogue contains numerous useful items.

Protective Cladding And Load Security

It is important that the van has internal protection for transporting bikes and all the necessary motorcycle accessories. One of the most viable options is cladding because it can be tailor-made to fit the specific dimensions of the vehicle. Regular transportation of the bike can cause wear and tear. This is especially true if it is filled with tools for bike mechanics. Cladding can minimise the risk of this. The load security provided by is available in either wooden or plastic materials. It is not only light weight but also includes sound dampening and insulation.


A van that contains a bike and its various accessories is a potential target for thieves. Since these vehicles and products are so expensive, the owner should reduce the risk of bike theft as much as they can. It is important to have a reliable alarm system installed. Anti-theft alarms should make a loud enough noise to both deter the criminal and alert the owner. If an assailant is surprised by a loud alarm, they are much more likely to flee the area without taking the bike with them.

Safety Equipment

The sad fact is that accidents can occur when on the road. In these situations, the driver needs to have a number of important items on hand. It was recently revealed that only one in ten vans have the necessary equipment to stay safe. If the van crashes while transporting a bike, then a fire may start. ABC-approved fire extinguishers need to be stored. It is also a good idea to have eye showers and first aid kits ready. In order to discourage drink driving the van could also have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device.

Roof Equipment

Depending on the size of the bike, it may be possible to store it on the roof rack of the van. The best ones will sit close to the roof in order to minimise any air resistance. The ones available from Work System are Swedish-made and aluminium based. This allows it to withstand harsh sold climates. Even if the bike is too heavy, it is still a good idea to utilise a rack. It could be used to store the numerous motorbike accessories that all owners use on a regular basis. Roof racks are popular because they are simple yet provide an impressive amount of functionality. They can be very useful for bikers who need to store a lot of items.