Motorcycle Accessories

Whether you are a beginner to the world of motorcycling or motorbiking, or if you are simply looking for information, we have prepared an excellent guide to the essential gear to help you become a rider in no time!

What’s the Big Deal?

Firstly, you may wonder why the right gear, or gear at all, is essential. The answer is both obvious and essential; safety. There may be other reasons for buying reliable equipment, but the most basic and important is your safety and protection above all else. As humans, we aren’t meant to go as fast as our motorbikes take us so if we fall, get hit, or an injury occurs, our natural state is unable to handle the impact and therefore can and does result in death or serious injury.


There are different types of helmets for different types of riding and different needs. Getting the right helmet is crucial to avoiding head injuries. Full face helmets are important for those going long distances or at faster speeds to help protect the full head and face from both impact and abrasion.


These do more than just look cool and are often overlooked in terms of importance when it comes to motorbike gear that is essential. Leather and textile jackets protect your body from the elements and from an impact as well. A properly fitted jacket is tight enough to keep you locked in but not too tight that it restricts movement in any way. If you often ride in different weather, you may need a few jackets. Some have more ventilation for warmer weather and others are better for the colder seasons and weather.


A snug fit is best from a protection standpoint but once again, ensure that your pants don’t restrict movement. It is best to find pants dedicated to motorcycling and not those that look like motorcycle pants because you will find there are differences in the quality and therefore level of protection.


Open toe shoes and sneakers just won’t cut it for those riding. Closed toe, sturdy boots dedicated and made specifically for biking will keep your feet protected and warm when need be. Boots cover your ankles as well which is important because your body can break or snap if you or your bike was to fall.


Gloves are a great way to keep your hands safe but also help you maintain a steady grip on your bike to ensure you stay in full control at all times. Motorbike gloves specifically have wrist straps to keep the gloves on your hands at all times, including in the event of a crash.

Glasses or Goggles

If you opt for a helmet that is not full face, look at purchasing some high quality and protective goggles or glasses to keep your eyes safe and sound.