Accessories: The new swag in biking

Bikes have always been popular machines in the transport sector, both as a means to get around and as a way to show off style and class. For over a century, these two-wheelers have continued to hit stores in ever-evolving shapes, sizes, and capabilities. New bikes and vintage bikes are equally popular among biking enthusiasts.

Three factors have contributed to the continued popularity of motorcycles:

  • Ease of getting around even on narrow paths
  • The thrill of taking a ride
  • Fuel efficiency in comparison to vehicles

Over and above the remodeling and modification of motorcycles, production of accessories for biking purposes has also made major milestones. So much so that the motorcycle accessory manufacture line is almost a stand-alone industry. There are companies that specialize in producing these aids to good biking.

From helmets to jackets, vests, special lights, cameras and windshields, you never fall short of an addition you could attach to your bike- or yourself. Accessories range from little, simple inexpensive items to sophisticated ones whose cost comes close to that of buying another small bike. Whatever your budget, there is a matching accessory to add to your biking experience.

One factor that remains constant during the production of motorcycle accessories is the need to keep it light. Whether they are to be worn on the rider’s body or fixed to the bike itself, the accessories need to be light so that they do not interfere with the overall speed of the bike. Bikers love to feel free and easy while perched atop their machines, so any dead weight is going to be a turn off.

Accessories are also made to conform to a streamlined shape so they do not increase drag significantly during the ride. Some biking additions are actually made for the sole purpose of reducing drag/promoting aerodynamics.

These biking additions may be added to the bike by the manufacturer, a sub-contracted company or an entirely independent creator. Some of them are bike-specific while others are made to work on/with a variety of cycles. As such, it is important, as a biker, to always make it clear what you intend to achieve with your motorbike accessories.

This will help you make a good decision about where to look, how much to budget for and when to make a purchase. Taking your bike with you when you go to make the purchase is also advisable. Doing so affords you the chance to choose the correct fit and compare different shades of the equipment before choosing the one that works for you.

Overall, accessories can make an already thrilling biking experience even more enjoyable, or make your bike acquire an ability you never would have imagined.