What different motorcycle accessories say about you

You probably feel like a knight whenever you are perched atop your bike, but have you ever stopped to think how other people view you? Well, the answer to that question would be ‘no’ for most bikers given the free-spirit nature that they embody. Paradoxically, however, the same liberal bikers are keen to a fault about having the best accessories to boost their feel-good factor.

Here are a few accessories and what they say about you:

  • All leather wear – no nonsense, wild

The picture has been imprinted upon the masses over and over that it is the first thing people think whenever they see a biker in a leather suit. Whether male or female, not many strangers will be coming jokingly close to a biker in a leather suit.

To some extent, still, a leather suit implies that the biker is concerned about their safety and thus comes across as a responsible person.

  • GPS accessories, Bluetooth connectivity – Tech Savvy

There is something about guys who are aware of their technology. It becomes even more exciting when such people can be able to incorporate such technology into their everyday lives. Riders who have GPS systems installed on their bikes come across as hip and modern, no matter their age.

Such devices also imply that a rider is willing to spend to taste the buttered side of the slice of life.

  • Smart helmets – person from the future

This is a relatively new bit of motorcycle accessories and right now can only be found among early adopters. Smart helmets are a marvel for other riders and random people on the street alike. Even when not in use, they are likely to turn heads.

Such accessories signify people who are already ahead of their times. They cost a fortune too, so you can guess what they say about the owner’s financial muscle.

  • Airbag fitted jackets – Safety first

From afar, riders in airbag-fitted jackets appear like people who spend their day juggling between riding and pushing weights. At a close range, however, the accessory speaks of a person who places their safety first and is not afraid to pay extra to achieve that. Such a person appears responsible and will often earn trust easily.