Best Performance Upgrade for Your Motorcycle

Biking technology has come a long way. Modern bikes come with decent suspension, more horsepower than you need and a brilliant braking system. This combo is enough to impress the average user. However, some people think stock motorcycles are not that great. They want more power, better looks and improved safety.

These are the top four performance mods for motorcycles every rider should know.

Exhaust System

Almost any change to a motorcycle’s exhaust will look better. It will also increase the performance, especially when paired with the right air filter and tune. Most aftermarket exhausts are designed to be lighter than stock systems, which goes a long way in improving performance. Options include the good-looking carbon fibre options, but steel and titanium are more durable.

Lithium Batteries

There’s a reason why pro teams don’t use lead-acid batteries any more. They are pretty heavy, and that shows in the performance department. To fix this, most people go with lithium batteries. They are lighter, more durable and are a better choice compared to lead-acid batteries.

Brake Lines and Pads

If you are looking to improve the performance of your bike, you’ll also need to consider upgrading its braking capability. And the most common solution is to replace stock brakes with braided lines. These aftermarket brakes are rated for higher temperatures, which makes them more reliable than most stock options.

Lighter Wheels and Tires

By now, you’ve probably realized reducing the weight of your bike makes it faster. Now go ahead and swap your heavy wheels with a light aftermarket option to improve how your bike enters and leaves the corners. While you’re at it, you might also want to change the tires. Having decent tire tracks gives you the much-needed grip that is needed to explore your bike’s new performance. The idea is to go for the most expensive option available, and you should be fine.