Safety Accesories

As earlier mentioned, these are parts of riding gear that attempt to eliminate hazards for both the rider and other people on the road. They also make it possible to solve any incidents that may happen during the ride with ease.

Most safety gear is a legal requirement, but it is still wise to take extra steps of caution for personal well-being. Safety accessories include:

  • Helmets

Arguably the most important part of gear for immediate safety. Head injuries can be severe and very damaging; helmets help prevent them or reduce their severity in the event of an accident. There are different types of helmets depending on size, shape and build.

Helmets are hats usually made of foam and plastic (or fiber) used to cover most of or the entire head of the rider. They include a visor on the part covering the face to shield the rider from the wind.

  • Reflective clothing

Although the law does not demand so much on the reflective bit of gear, it is important to be as clearly visible as possible. Having a little reflective bit on jackets, shoes, gloves, and pants is advisable.

  • First aid kits

Although this may sound unusual for bikes, having a little kit for first aid purposes in the event of an accident could turn out to be life-saving. The kit could include painkillers, salves, and bandages. A contact number should be included therein too in case the accident is severe and there is a need to contact the rider’s family.

  • Trackers

For the safety of the bike, having a tracker fixed is a genius idea. This makes it easier to recover it in case of theft which, by the way, is a very common occurrence in the biking circles.