Motorcycle accessories

Welcome to a one stop shop for information on all you need to know about motorbike gear and accessories. Below, you will find all of the basic information on the gear and accessories you will need to get on a bike and ride into the sunset. Wearing the right equipment, clothing and accessories not only looks and feels great and makes you look the part but also can keep you safe and even save your life.


There are many different types of helmets that include open face helmets, modular helmets and full face helmets are only a few of many types of helmets. If you had to choose and rank the number one most important piece of biking gear, it would hands down be the helmet. It isn’t a matter of just picking the helmet that you like the best, but having it fitted properly to make sure it does its job right is also important. Different types of motorcycles require different types of helmets.

Riding Pants

Jeans, joggers or sweats are not suitable for riding, it is important to buy pants that are designed and outfitted specifically for biking- you wouldn’t wear basketball shorts to play hockey after all. Look for high quality leather that is lined but that has enough breathability.


Many people wear motorcycle jackets just because they like the look of them but when it comes to actually wearing them to ride, it is important to pick one that fits properly, covers your arms and is tight enough to protect but loose enough to let you move freely.


You cannot wear sneakers or boots unless they are designed for motorbiking. Motorbiking boots are important because they protect your ankles and feet from risks associated specifically with biking. Make sure to have your shoes fitted and leave enough room for the cold days where two pairs of socks are required.


Gloves will help protect your hands and wrists and will keep your hands from slipping or freezing when you ride and help reduce the slipperiness that you would experience if it rained while you were riding.

Bike Goggles

If you opt for a helmet that does not cover your face or only covers part, make sure you invest in protective eyewear such as glasses or goggles to keep your eyes safe from rocks or flying objects that may pose a risk.

Other accessories

Many bikers find bandanas a great way to protect your face from rocks, rain and other elements and many wear them because they like the look. Jacket patches are another accessory worn by many bikers that help them identify who they are, what group they are part of and express themselves on their otherwise all black outfit.