The Safety Factors That Guide All Purchases of Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories today come in all shapes and sizes. As things stand today, the manufacture, marketing and sale of biking accessories is an entire industry on its own. This is in response to the insatiable need by bikers to add to the thrill of riding.

There are accessories to do virtually everything during the trip atop the two-wheeled beasts; communication, navigation, checking pressure and shielding from wind and injury, to name a few. That said, there are safety factors which everyone should put in mind when considering an accessory purchase. Here are some of the most important.

Effect on Vision and Concentration

Riders should always be able to have a clear vision of their entire surroundings. Any type of accessory which negatively affects vision should be avoided. For instance, the tint on a helmet’s visor should not supersede the rider’s safety.

Accessories such as GPS navigation and pressure checkers should be placed on the dashboard in such a way that they do not take the rider’s attention away from the road when viewed. They should have a large display, such that whatever is being checked can be seen with just a simple glance.

Comfort and Snug Fit

The right size of equipment is vital. Helmets, jackets, boots and other wearables may look nice, but if they don’t fit comfortably, they put you in direct danger. For one, they distract you from concentrating on the road. Imagine riding with a helmet that is so big it keeps moving and blocking your vision. Or a shoe that is a size too small!

Also, such equipment is unlikely to protect you in the event of an accident. It is likely to come off leaving you exposed. Discuss the best secure fit for you with a GP to understand what does not compromise your long term health. You can do this by downloading an app such as livi medical which you can use to talk to a health professional online.

Ease of Removal if Necessary

Despite being snug and not coming off in the event of a tumble, gear should be easily and quickly removable in the event of an emergency. If you fall, your jacket should be easily removable to save you from choking or fire.

Ensure, thus, that any accessories you buy have catches which are easy to unfasten, yet tight when you lock them in place.

It is always important to specify your preferred size of equipment to the seller when buying a motorbike. Mostly, the hardware which comes with the bike is standardised and safe to use. However, if you are the type of rider that loves to soup up the ride with accessories, make sure you always observe these safety tips.

And make sure you enjoy your ride, okay?