Reduce accident impact with an airbag jacket

the airbag jacket for motorcycle riders is a pretty new concept but now that it is here, you have to wonder why/how it never got here sooner. Really, it seems like the most natural part of biking that someone, anyone should have thought of from the beginning.

Think, if they can install airbags for people already protected by a windscreen and safety belts, shouldn’t be an obvious inclusion for those who are fully exposed? Well, it is here now, so now is when the biking world should embrace the lifesaving jacket.

In the event of an accident, the impact causes the bag which rests on the rider’s back to inflate and cover sensitive parts like the spine, torso and back of the head. This contributes greatly towards reducing the severity of motorcycle injuries.

The airbag can be found in two forms- as a jacket or as a protective vest worn over the rest of the rider’s gear. It doubles up as reflective wear, an always welcome safety addition. Also, it serves for both safety and aesthetics.

Cost should not even be an issue here; this is an investment every rider should consider.